About Dragonfly Retreats

Helping all veterans live happy, relaxed lives.

Our Mission

Making a positive impact in the lives of veterans of all ages by providing hope, healing and empowerment over traumatic events.

What We Do

Are you ready to spread your wings and strip away the gravitational negativity that holds you back from achieving your dreams? Come and join nine of your fellow veterans, to form a strong yet small group of 10 veterans, who all have similar issues, for a week of hope, healing and empowerment over traumatic events.

Dragonfly Retreats offers five day holistic therapeutic retreats for veterans suffering with symptoms of anxiety and depression due to traumatic events. Veterans have been suffering for generations from stress and traumatic related issues from their military service. These problems in the past were called things like shell shock or battle fatigue. We live in a time now that it is called posttraumatic stress. These stressors can come from anything like war, sexual assault, or even a hostile work environment. When these stressors do not go away or we have more than one in a short period of time then it can get imprisoned in the part of the brain that houses the fight or flight response. Our job is to help veterans deal with this response.

Dragonfly Retreats works in a holistic model of treating the whole person by working with mental and social influences. With our innovative approach utilizing eastern and western philosophies toward relaxation and bilateral stimulation we can help you achieve and live a happy relaxed life. Most veterans have already done some type of therapy (or many types of therapies) to find relief.

Dragonfly Retreats offers a program designed to help you sharpen the tools you have already learned as well as gain a few new tools. No matter where your trauma(s) originated from or how intense your symptoms are, no matter your age or what war you may have been in, we have a retreat to fit your needs. We will help veterans accomplish their healing goals through events like canoeing, archery, a low ropes course, animal therapy and a meditative labyrinth.

These retreats are funded by grants and donations, which means there is no cost to the veteran, beyond travel expenses. If you need help with any travel expenses please contact us as we have several ideas to help you.

Our goal is to help veterans heal so they can spread their wings and soar into the future and realize their goals. Come and join us on this healing journey!

Why We Do What We Do

3.8 million Veterans diagnosed with PTSD

1 in 4 women; 1 in 100 men report sexual trauma

22 Veterans everyday commit suicide, 1 every 64 minutes

When I was a little girl I grew up in a military family. We lived on base and one of my fondest memories was getting all dressed up to meet my daddy for lunch. He would come out of his office proudly in his uniform and I thought he looked so strong and important. I knew that nothing in the world could ever hurt me. When I was scared at night my daddy would make things all better. He would make sure that there were not any monsters under my bed or in my closet. The nights he was not there I knew that the other military people would protect me from the monsters.

As I grew up and went into the military myself, I realized that it wasn’t so easy to get rid of those monsters and a lot of times the things we experience in the military is where those problems come from. These stories are far too common. I have learned as an adult that people in our military get traumatized by protecting all of us from the evils in the world.

I am a proud American and enjoy all my freedoms. I like feeling safe at night from the harms of the world knowing that my military is keeping me safe. People talk about our freedoms coming at a cost. PTSD is one of those costs. These veterans can’t sleep at night, they struggle with depression and being around large groups of people because they don’t know when their monsters will show up.

We can help. We teach techniques that will give veterans the strength to regain the power in their lives. It’s time for us to help slay the monster under the beds of those who have always slain them for us. Our veterans deserve the same things everyone wants: a relaxed, happy, productive, meaningful life and the opportunity to sleep at night knowing that others are helping protect them. Together we can overcome these issues and allow them to sleep peaceful at night knowing they are not alone.

People ask me why we are doing these retreats. The easiest answer I can give them is because it’s the right thing to do. 3.8 million veterans, with PTSD, at least a quarter of those is from being sexually assaulted in the military and because of these issues we have 1 veteran every 64 minute commit suicide. They are why these retreats are so important. They are why we do what we do.