Frequently Asked Questions

Our retreats are designed to work best if you have already learned a few tools to help with your symptoms and have a basic understanding of your trauma. Keep us in mind once you have progressed through the phases of treatment.
We understand that some large non-profits only deal with veterans from our most current conflicts. We accept ALL veterans from 18–118 years old, any branch, war or peace time, any gender, any type of trauma. We are here to help everyone.
If you do fundraising in your area, we can put together one months’ worth of retreats and there is a suitable camp to rent nearby, we would love to come to other areas of the country. Call or email us for specifics.
No. We will not be rehashing the specific traumas. We will be dealing with the emotions that are associated with them and reducing those symptoms.
No. Our retreats are designed as gender and trauma specific. We offer one week retreat for men with PTSD, one week retreat for women with PTSD, one week retreat for women with MST and one week retreat for men with MST.
The optimal amount is 10 participants for each retreat.
Our retreats are designed to work best with veterans who have already worked through the beginning emotional phases of their trauma. We offer a unique holistic approach that with continued use will aid in the progress of standard talk therapy.
Our retreats are funded by personal donations and corporate grants. There is no charge to our veteran participants but you will be responsible for your own transportation cost getting back and forth to your retreat. We have several suggestions to raise this travel money. Please contact us for further details.
We are not a substance abuse treatment facility or a faith based program. When you fill out your application to be participant there is a place for you to mark if you require these conditions or need special accommodations. We will put together groups of like individuals so that we can help you succeed. For the weeks that require it we will offer AA groups or Smart Recovery in the evenings. For faith based weeks we will offer bible study in the evenings.
Yes. Most therapy animals will be allowed. When you fill out your application there is a place for you to explain them. Until we have our own facility built in Colorado we will be renting camps from other organizations and each organization appears to have different requirements.
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The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.
We have several opportunities to help, and as we continue our growth and expand to our own facility these opportunities will increase as well. Since we accept veterans from around the country we feel that this is a nationwide non-profit. For now you can do fundraising in your own area or make a financial or gift card donation on the website. If you do fundraising in your area please let us know so that we can put it on the website and offer you any support we can.
Gifts cards such as Home Depot, Michaels or Hobby Lobby will be utilized for retreat purposes for buying items such as for craft projects. Other gift cards like restaurants, coffee, movies or entertainment will be given as a gift to our participants in their departure packets. Everything that is given to Dragonfly Retreats will be utilized for the direct purpose of helping our veterans.