Personal Donor Opportunities

Every dollar counts.

If you'd prefer not donating money but still want to help out, consider reading about other ways to give.

Dragonfly Retreats accepts donations from individuals, as well as groups and organizations such as:

Your donations may have any attribution you wish (e.g. donate in the name of your veteran), so long as you let us know when you donate.

Every Dollar Adds Up

  • 100 people at $1 each = $100
  • $100 will pay for 1 vet for 1 day
  • $1,000 will pay for 10 vets for 1 day
  • $10,000 will pay for all 10 vets for the entire week (1 full retreat)
  • $40,000 will pay for 40 vets for a month (4 full retreats)
  • $70,000 will allow us to travel to your town for 1 month of 4 full retreats. Call to discuss further.


We have several options for donations. You can: