Additional Programs


We are building bridges. Death, Divorce Isolation and Trauma are a few of the reasons that veterans are alone. This program partner’s middle age veterans and senior veterans for socialization and friendship; a cup of coffee, lunch or something fun. We are bridging the generation gap as well as a bridge to socialization. This is grant funded so a small stipend is offered to pay for outings.

S.W.i.M.M (Strong Women in a Male Military)

Our S.W.i.M.M program offers a platform for female veterans of any age to feel strong and empowered in the male dominated fields of the U.S. Military. This program offers women veterans a platform to discuss the pressures they feel/felt being a woman in their field. Guest speakers, classes, luncheons and support groups are offered for all generations of women who serve/served. Follow us on Facebook for dates of upcoming events.

Family, Spouse and Parent education

Educational seminars offered four times a year around the Pikes Peak region for families, spouses and parents of veterans healing from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) including from Military Sexual Trauma (MST). These seminars are designed to allow the family member a clear understanding of the biology and progression of trauma and helpful tips on how to help. We will take the time to dispel rumors and miss information to help you help them the best.