Fellow Mental Health Professionals,

Thank you for your interest in referring your clients to Dragonfly Retreats.

Clients who are appropriate for our program are veterans who have been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress. Our program is focused on PTSD and MST. These retreats are single gender and trauma specific. We accept all veterans and have designed our retreats to be flexible for age, era, wartime, peacetime, gender, sexual orientation or faith based. We can also accommodate those with brain injuries and most mobility issues.

Our program is a five day holistic retreat that is free to the veteran. We are funded entirely by grants and donations from people and organizations that share our vision for helping veterans heal from trauma.

With our innovative approach to trauma healing we have incorporated several modalities heavily utilizing the holistic model. We will be working with brain biology to decrease symptoms such as guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, fear and depression. Dragonfly Retreats incorporates relaxation and mindfulness techniques as well as activities designed to increase trust. Our clients will learn to trust in themselves, to trust in their decisions, and finally regain their ability to trust others.

We are here to support the treatment that you are already doing and may aid in breaking through those therapy stuck points that we’ve all experienced with our clients.

Throughout the year, in this section for our fellow therapists we will offer resources such as the importance of EMDR, tapping and other trauma treatments that are approved by nationally recognized organizations. We will discuss the importance of animal therapy and periodically offer online educational training about MST.

Thank you again for referring your clients to Dragonfly Retreats.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or clarification. Please contact me directly if you have clients who would fit our program.

Have a wonderful day.

Your Dragonfly Retreats Staff